Basic Cost Control In PSC Industry

Basic Cost Control In PSC Industry
Grand Aston Hotel Yogyakarta, 23-25 September 2014
Course Fee, Rp.7000.000,-


Contractual systems consist of concession contract, production contractual contracts and other contractual forms. Mostly, The PSC (Production Sharing Contract) is applied for Indonesia Oil and Gas industry. In PSC, management is under the government. The contractors should submit WP&B, POD and AFE to be approved by BP Migas.
Petroleum is common property resources, therefore its management should give greatest benefit for the people. The Key issues of contract are the ownership of hydrocarbons and state sovereignty of natural resources, goals of petroleum policy, state participation, petroleum authorities, the role of national companies, exploration and production regulations. Petroleum business is just like other business which is aimed to make profit. Profit is a function of production, price, costs and government take (tax and non tax) and minimum return. To maintain production, any business needs to maintain stock, Stock in Petroleum Business is proven reserves. Petroleum business is a risky business.
To understand Petroleum Industry needs knowledge of petroleum proven reserve and production, price, costs, government take, contractor profit, minimum return and risks of Petroleum Business.

Gain an understanding of the key issues that affect operational decisions and the profitability of PSCs and related agreements, as well as how to manage these contracts and agreements.


  • Dynamics of Business
  • Principle of PSC
  • Methods to Measure Profit Indicators
  • Regulatory Framework in Industry
  • Cost Recovery and Recoverable Cost
  • Cost Structure of PSC
  1. Activities and Cost Structure of Exploration and Development
  2. Activities and Cost Structure of Production Operation
  3. Activities and Cost Structure of General Administration
  4. Operating Cost and Production Split
  • Planning Budgeting
  1. Grand Plan PSC
  2. Work Program and Budget Expenditure
  3. Budget Reporting
  4. Authorization for Expenditure
  • Government Take from Tax and non Tax
  • Net Contractor Share and Contractor Cash Flow
  • Important Issues on Law, Fiscal of Upstream Petroleum Contracts
  • Investment Credit and Domestic Market Obligation
  • Indonesian PSC’s Term


  1. Financial Analyst
  2. Project Engineering and Economic Team
  3. Development Planning Team
  4. Geophysicist and Geologist
  5. Reservoir Engineers, Production Engineers
  6. Anybody who wish to know The PSC and Oil and Gas industry

Edy Purwoko, Ir. MT


  1. Convinience Meeting room
  2. Airport pick-up and drop service
  3. Souvenir
  4. Certified Centra Gama Indovisi
  5. Transportation during training
  6. 2x coffee break and lunch during training
  7. Training kit


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