Construction Safety Design and Management

Construction Safety Design and Management

Construction Safety Design and Management shall be held every activity in the control of the development work which has responsibility for health and safety. Examine the working conditions of a healthy and safe before work begins, and ensure that the proposed work will not put others at risk, requiring planning and organization. This applies whatever the size of the task.
The construction safety and health professional must know both the risks involved in construction and those posed by the environment of the work site. That’s why they should to attend this construction safety course After completing the Construction Safety Design and Management Training, participants will be equipped with a basic understanding of the following:
• To create an awareness and understanding of the Construction Safety Design and Management.
• To provide you with the skills to do:
1. Eliminate hazards
2. Reduce risks when hazards cannot be eliminated
3. Provide warning devices
4. Develop and implement procedures and training
5. Engineering controls

1. When does CDM apply?
2. Notification of a Construction Project on Form – F10
3. The Pre-Tender Stage Health and Safety Plan
4. Construction Phase Health and Safety Plan
5. CDM – The Role of the Client
6. CDM – The Role of the Planning Supervisor
7. CDM – The Role of the Designer
8. CDM – The Role of The Principal Contractor
9. CDM – The Roles of Contractors and The Self-Employed
10. The Health and Safety File
11. Electrical construction & Fall protection construction
12. Crane Construction & Excavation construction
13. Stair ladders construction & Power tools construction
14. Scaffolds construction & Material handling construction
15. PPE construction

Manager K3/ staff K3, Inspector LK3, HSE Manager/ Engineer/ Supervisor, Plant Manager, Maintenance Manager/ Engineer, Process Facility Manager/ Engineer, Field manager/ engineers

Presentation, Discussion, Simulation, Case Study, and Evaluation Widarto Sutrisno, ST, MT
(Expert in Construction Safety Design and Management)

Batch I : 05 – 07 Februari 2013
Batch II : 06 – 08 Mei 2013
Batch III : 20 – 22 Agustus 2013
Batch IV : 06 – 08 November 2013
(3 days training)
at Yogyakarta
In House Training Depend on request


Course Fee: Rp 6,000,000,-/ participant Non – Residential
Facilities Meeting room, Module /
Handout, Softcopy Materi, Training Kit, Sou
venir & Certificate,2x Coffee Break 1x Lunch

Registration should be made 5 days prior to the implementation of training.
Number of attendees must be in accordance with the number of participants registered. If the number of attendees does not match with the number of participants registered, then the company must pay the training cost as much as the number of participantsthat are registered in the enrollment form that has been sent to us.

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