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Cost Reduction & Strategy

Cost Reduction & Strategy

You’ll gain manufacturing cost strategies and experience-based guidance to: Lower your total cost of manufacturing, Create working capital and grow your business, Partner with your suppliers to save more money, Determine and reduce the asset drain of work-in-progress, Keep non-value added activity from depleting resources, Reduce procurement costs, Cost effectively introduce new products, Positively impact your bottom line with improved factory utilization. Forecast more effectively, Determine if a product line truly is profitable to your bottom line Identify and eliminate waste in all parts of your operation. Additionally, you will learn how to increase the effectiveness of all workers, which ultimately leads to product cost reductions and margin improvements.

1.Constructing a High Performance Manufacturing Cost Strategy,
2.Describing the Real Cost of Your Products
3.Reducing Production Costs
4.Reducing Material Acquisition Costs
5.Reducing Inventories and ‘Inventing’ Capital
6.Reducing Product Development Costs
7.Reducing the Cost of Logistics
8.Reducing Information Management and Transaction Processing Costs
9.Eliminating Waste From Administrative Functions
10.Reducing the TOTAL Cost of People
11.Needed Changes to Cost Accounting Processes
12.Mounting an Effective Cost Reduction Initiative
13.Designing an Ongoing Cost Reduction Process

The topics covered in this outline are aimed at business decision-makers—primarily company directors, executive and senior management, finance, engineering, accounting and senior production personnel with decision-making responsibility.

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