Office Management & Effective Administration Skills

Office Management & Effective Administration Skills

This Course is designed to increase the skills of Support personnel across a range of disciplines. The Course identifies and examines the key components of the role and within each element builds up a range of approaches and techniques for operating an efficient office or support team. These elements include interpersonal, communication, organizational and time management competencies.These skills and techniques will be required in a blended and integrated way as you meet the challenges of your workplace.

Course Benefits
After completion of the course, participant will understand about
•Understand the importance of effective administration skills within an organization
•Identify the roles of an Office Manger
•Manage time efficiently and be able to think proactively
•Describe the essentials of an effective office system;
•Perform basic Human resources Functions
•Understand the basic management functions of Planning, Organizing and controlling
•Introduction into the basic office administration functions

•Junior Managers/Supervisors
•Records management officers
•Executive secretaries
•Administrative Assistants

•The role of a manager
•Organizing the Organization
•How recruitment & selection affect office management
•Writing job description
•Conducting a job interview
•Office/Workplace ethics
•Office administration
•The office layout
•The paper flow challenge
•Planning, organizing and controlling
•Introduction to Time management
•Prevent overuse of technology
•The top office time wasters
•Organizational faults

•Case Study

•Convinience Meeting room
•Transportation during training
•2x coffee break and lunch during training
•Training kit

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