Analytical Thinking & Problem Solving

Analytical Thinking & Problem Solving

Analytical Thinking & Problem Solving

Changes happen so fast in the world of business plus the emergence of a variety of issues that seemed endless work, has demanded people to fit in and establish himself faced obstacles and challenges. Not to mention how the problems that arise must be solved immediately, this condition requires all people to think creatively. To obtain these capabilities, the need for a debriefing in the form of a comprehensive training activities .. Participants will be equipped with the principles and analytical thinking strategies that will improve the understanding of the problem and the ability to obtain a reliable solution, in accordance with available resources and based on stakeholder input and consideration. Through this training, the supervisor will work systematically through the collection and analysis of statistical data and the ability to think clearly and focus on the issues at hand.
•Improve analytical skills that will impact the creative thinking to develop creative work, forming a positive motivation in the work
•Understand the stages of problem solving effectively and knowing how to apply the methods of analysis at each stage
•Recognize the importance of the use of the role of communication at every stage
•Understand the structure of the problem and the cause of the problem was the protracted
•Understand how to confront the problem to prevent future stress

•Thinking about the importance of Analytical Thinking
•Improve Analytical Skills
•Breaking the limits
•Cultivate Creativity
•Authorized Capital Development
•Creative in Rethinking Life and Work
•Characteristics of the problem
•Mechanical problem identification and analysis of the causes of the problem
•The process of problem solving and decision making
•Identify alternative options
•Developing the right decision
•Planning and implementation of strategies

Time :26-27 April 2016

Presentation, Discussion, Case Study,  Evaluation

The training is very suitable to be followed by supervisors and managers from various departments / functions in a company, or individual in the company who need to be equipped with the knowledge and skills of how to think tactically.

Certificate, Training Kit, Module / Handout, Softcopy (USB Flashdisk), Bag or Backpackers, Lunch, Coffee Break, Souvenir



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